Oven Repairs

What are the important factors when choosing the best repairer for your oven or stove? The following list should be a good start: Do you need an electrician or gas fitter? Does the technician have the proper certification? Does the organisation have the proper Licenses i.e. electrical contractors license? What are their charges? What Brands […]

ppliance Repair and Floor Refinishing Save Money Without Sacrificing Results

For the ultimate value, fix up what you’ve got instead of buying new! Professional services like appliance repair and floor refinishing can help you save money and still provide gorgeous like-new results! Today’s tight economy means that many people are cutting back or putting off home maintenance repairs because they feel that they can’t afford […]

Keep Your Laundry Room Running Smoothly: How to Tell When Your Home Needs Dryer Repair Service

We often take our washer-dryers for granted–until they break down that is. When your dryer isn’t working properly, it creates extra work and trouble for you just to get your clothes dried. If you stay on top of your dryer repair needs, you will likely have a working dryer and fully functional laundry room for […]