How to Repair and Maintain Your Refrigerator

Regular maintenance of your refrigerator can add years to the life of your refrigerator, and prevent costly repairs down the road. Once a year, the condenser coils should be cleaned. You can buy some self rinsing coil cleaner, or use a vacuum cleaner to clean the coils.

If you have a self-defrosting refrigerator, the drain system should be cleaned regularly. Unplug the drain holes and unclog the drain with a piece of wire. Flush the lines with water and then wash the drain pan with soap and water. When you have the drain pan out, check for cracks and make sure it is in good shape. Replace if necessary Refrigerator Repair Los Angeles.

Correcting Poor Refrigeration
Check the temperature controls first, and make sure they are set properly. If the refrigerator runs continuously, it might need to be defrosted. Clean dirty condenser coils.

Poor cooling and frost building up fast are signs that there is a leak in the door seal. The door needs to be level and tilted back slightly for the door to give a tight seal. To get the refrigerator level, prop it up in the front with a piece of wood. Twist the adjustment screws until you have it level.

If your refrigerator door is sagging, you can adjust the hinge at the top of the door. If there is a cap on top of the hinge, remove it and loosen the hinge screws. Place the door where you want it, and re-tighten the screws. If your refrigerator is not a side by side, you may have to remove the freezer door in order to reach the refrigerator hinge.

Next check the gasket. Make sure the door is not sagging before replacing a refrigerator gasket. Check the old gasket for tears, gaps, or wear. If the gasket is leaking, it needs to be replaced.

How to Replace a Door Gasket
Measure the door gasket, and buy an identical gasket. Or you can use the model number of the refrigerator and call a supply store with the information. Unplug the refrigerator, and remove the existing gasket by taking out the screws. Begin removing the old gasket from the top loosened section. Install the new gasket in place of the old gasket, while leaving the rest of the old gasket in place. When installing the new gasket, push its lip fully under the edge of the retainer strip. Partially tighten the screws and move on to the other side. Do this same process for each side of the refrigerator.

Eliminating Noise
Most noise is going to come from either the refrigerator not being level or a rattling drain pan. Making sure the refrigerator is level, or repositioning the drain pan clear of the compressor should do the trick.

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