The Less Famous Appliances Your Kitchen Should Have

When it comes to the kitchen, you probably have all your major appliances set. The fridge and the oven are the two biggest and two most important when it comes to making meals and storing food. They are the Ying and Yang of the kitchen, so to speak… the hot and the cold, the “storer” and “preparer” of foods. What would you do if you Maytag refrigerator or Miele oven ever broke down? Miele oven repair is costly. The balance that is your kitchen would be thrown hopelessly out of balance. Even the minor appliances, like the blender and microwave would seem out of whack, bending to the whims of the great karmic kitchen circle of life.

Okay so that might be a little extreme maytag dishwasher repair los angeles. But it’s important to remember that while repairing large appliances like a Viking range oven or a Bosch dishwasher is important, the small appliances need tune ups too. Paying for an inexpensive repair on a toaster, microwave or blender is certainly better than waiting for it to completely melt down and purchasing a new one. You can never have too many small appliances, but you can certainly have too many broken ones.

Microwaves and toasters are the “hits,” as it were, when we’re talking countertop kitchen appliances. However, another, smaller appliance I highly suggest is a juice maker. You will be surprised how healthy you will start eating once you buy a juicer. No one likes fruits and vegetables, even if they claim too. Turning them into a tasty smoothie is one way you can get the most out of these less eaten items. Granted smooth breakdown is not as serious damage resulting in Maytag oven repair, it still is a nuisance. Smoothies are also great for making extravagant cocktails. Try doing that with your dishwasher.

The good thing about these smaller appliances is they are cheaper to own and repair. Some can even be had for under ten dollars. Think about that; countertop kitchen appliances for single-digit dollar totals. It’s a great way to give the major appliances a rest every now and then, meaning less over repair.

So when you’re thinking about what’s missing in your kitchen, don’t just think of the major appliances that serve as the pillars of your food preparation. Think also of the small appliances that help make your kitchen work. Can you image life without a popcorn popper or an electric food processor? Not after you’ve owned one.

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